Good bye 20's, hello 30's! I'm ready for you!

My 30th birthday this year was low-key and intimate, just how I wanted it!

I spent the afternoon with my husband Sam cruising around San Francisco, got a much needed hair trim, and then ended the day at one of my favorite waterside restaurants in the city, The Waterbar.

I really wanted to just keep the day as relaxing as possible, and spend the whole day getting pampered. I was going to go to a spa for a full body massage or a facial, but I decided I rather spend my money on a good curly hair trim and fancy early dinner with my husband. Don’t get me wrong, the spa would’ve been nice too, but my hair was long overdue for a cut and I wanted to spend the day with my husband too, rather than just at the spa all day alone.

Since we’ve moved back to the Bay area, getting to San Francisco takes about an hour, with traffic. Sam had the day off so we were able to sleep in and enjoy our morning before heading off to the city. After about an hour drive, we arrived in SF and cruised the streets for a little bit before my hair appointment. Once it was closer to my time, Sam dropped me off at Madu Salon (the salon where I got my first ever DevaCut back in 2017!) for my trim. I didn’t have the same stylist as last time, but I basically gave her instructions to simply cut off all/any dead ends and also to give me bangs. I had gotten bangs the last time I was there for a DevaCut and have been obsessed with curly bangs ever since. 

After about an hour or so she was finished with my dry cut and afterwards gave me a nice wash and style and sat me under the Deva dryer for about another hour. For those unfamiliar with curly cuts, these can take anywhere from 2-3 hours with the dry cutting, washing, styling, waiting to dry, and then any recutting or styling if needed. This is also why it is more expensive than a regular quick (straight) haircut. 

Once we were done, I was happy with my new shape and ready to go to late lunch/early dinner at Waterbar. The color was mostly cut out from the trim, but I was going to get my hair recolored by my friend & colorist Leysa on the 30th so it didn’t really matter to me.

Check out my BEFORE & AFTER pics below:

After I was done at the salon, Sammy picked me up and took us to Waterbar. He also gave me my gifts before we went to the restaurant… he got me a new Guess backpack (my favorite go to casual purse/bag) and makeup from Sephora (my favorite store lol)! Easy to say he knows what I like! 

When we arrived at Waterbar we got there just in time for happy hour. The reason we wanted to go early or I wanted to go early I should say is because they have this amazing goat cheese and homemade chips appetizer that they apparently only serve during HH. I know this because we came for dinner another time and they did not have the goat cheese on the menu and when I asked for it they told me they ONLY serve it during HH! I was so mad that time I filled out a complaint card (hahaha). I’m sorry but they needed to know that I specifically went there for the goat cheese and I couldn’t order it! LOL 

Luckily this time we knew better and went during HH so that this wouldn’t happen. Thankfully when we got there it was on the menu, along with their $1 HH oysters… another reason for going to HH!

We ordered a few cocktails – I had an Aperol Spritz and Sam had a beer, and promptly ordered the goat cheese & chips and 2 dozen oysters (you can only order 24 at a time). After we finished both appetizers, we ordered some more oysters off of the Chef’s Selection menu for the day. These were a little bit pricer, but bigger in size than the HH oysters. All in all everything was delicious.

I ended up ordering a Rose instead of a second Aperol spritz, and for those wondering no, it wasn’t $14 (LOL see Chicago blog post)… but it was pretty close! I ended the meal with another celebratory birthday drink, this time a prosecco. The staff overheard it was my birthday and surprised us with this beautiful complimentary piece of key lime pie garnished with fresh blackberries and biscotti that was really delicious! (and pricey I checked the menu and one slice usually sells for $14! Coincidence or karmic reward? LOL )

After we finished our meal, we cruised by our favorite local spots and enjoyed the beautiful day. When we got home I was so happy to have spent the day with my husband and be able to come home to our own place and enjoy our little family with Luna, Albus & Tonks!!

Here are some pics from my bday HH at the Waterbar SF!

A deeper look into turning 30...

Wow! I’m a THIRTY years old!! Woohoo! 

What’s changed? Well other than my body deciding to slowly start shutting down, not much!!! LOL

29 was actually my “favorite” number and age that I was looking forward to since I was a little girl. I don’t know why or how that number came into my head, but I couldn’t wait for my 29th birthday when I was younger. I think for some reason I thought that 29 was the age that all my dreams come true. 

But, rather than wait for all my dreams to magically come true, I feel that since I started my business 2 years ago, a few months before my 28th birthday, that I’ve been creating the life that I’ve actually wanted. Maybe I somehow knew back then that around the end of my 20’s I would be fulfilling my life’s purpose. Who knows?

This year, I was excited to start my 30’s even though it mean leaving my “favorite” age. I think so many (women) see 30 as a scary number, that it means we’re getting older and that automatically lessens our value as a woman. For me on the other hand, I welcomed 30 as a milestone that I reached, almost like now I have seniority over you young kids…I’m older, wiser, to be taken seriously. 

I guess I don’t really think of 30 as the end of my youth, but more of like an age that earns respect, even though lots of people under 30 are doing great, amazing things, more than I could imagine!

Anyways, maybe the other part of me not afraid of turning 30 is that I’m already married and not under pressure by society or family to “find a husband”. Many women also feel like they have an expiration date after their 20’s and that men are less likely to enter a serious relationship or marriage after you hit 30. To this I say, yeah maybe you’ll miss out on the younger guys or the older men who only want younger women, but I think that you’re actually dodging a bullet there, so no worries.

We are all more than our age, our appearance, our relationship status. What matters to me is how I feel on the inside, if I’m happy with my life, and the people who I surround myself with.

And after taking inventory of my life after turning 30, I realized that all of my dreams did come true, although not necessarily in the exact way I had pictured them.

I am so thankful for everything I have and to continue to do what I love for work (and get paid for it!). Once you turn your life around from focusing on what you don’t have to focusing on what you do have, you begin to appreciate all of the little things that make your life great!! 

Cheers to 30 and cheers to loving the rest of my life!!

Thanks for reading! How old are you? Do you feel excited to be 30??

Talk soon, 

XO, Sabrine