Sabrine in Seattle! 5 of Seattle's most Instagrammable places to visit - popular tourist locations around the city!

1. Pike Place Market

If you’re in Seattle you have to go to Pike Place at least ONCE. Arguably the city’s most famous tourist attraction, Pike’s Place is a top destination for foodies, tourists, and locals alike. 

Whether you enjoy fresh seafood, produce, flowers, or fresh apple cider, Pike’s Market has it. The market itself is an open air multilevel farmer’s market that boasts too many vendors for me to count. I’ve been several times and to this day don’t think I’ve seen every shop or level they have to offer.  

Naturally, being in Seattle I had to take some pictures at the market. I went super early in the morning on a weekday to meet my photographer to avoid the obnoxious crowds and also try to get some of the cherry blossom shots in, which as you’ll see from my next few sets of photos, the stars did not align for me. I tried to schedule our shoot around the cherry blossom trees blooming, and by the time I would get there they would be gone, blossomed and swept away by the winds. Which really made me think about how fragile and fleeting time really is…! Okay enough about the cherry blossoms…

Like I mentioned, my photographer Karya and I got to Pike’s pretty early so we could snap some shots of the market without all the crowds in the background. We were there a little before 9 am on a Tuesday or Thursday during the Seattle spring weather so it was actually still chilly and misty in the morning. My hair didn’t end up drying until later in the photos, but I think the shots of the market itself are worth it!

There are so many photo opps and great businesses at Pike Place that we didn’t capture – for example the “original” Starbucks, Beecher’s Homemade Cheese, all of the fresh seafood, fruit, and flower vendors, and soooo much more. Definitely recommend you check out Pike Place more than once because you will mostly be overwhelmed with all the options! 


Pioneer Square

The next three locations are all located in Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square is a neighborhood in Seattle with an interesting history. Nowadays, Pioneer Square is known for its cute coffee shops, bakeries, and restaurants, and is a popular place for many of Seattle’s blogger and photographers. 

I found these cute cafes and locations in Pioneer Square from Emma’s Edition – one of my favorite bloggers who lives in Seattle. 

2. The London Plane 

Super cute cafe and build-your-own-floral shop. Super instagrammable location inside and out. I didn’t order food but from what I could see everything looked great! I only spent a few minutes taking pictures inside since we didn’t eat there, but Karya my photog frequents there often so we felt like that made up for it!

3. Cadillac Hotel Sign 

Around the corner from The London Plane, you can find this vintage looking Cadillac Hotel Sign. 

The sign is attached to a brick building and is the perfect spot to take a few photos with a vintage flair. 

4 General Porpoise Doughnuts


Possibly the best donuts ever. Verdict is still out. Combine that with the chic white marble and pink legged tables and the aesthetic of my dreams and this is now my new favorite place. 

Limited menu but the fresh lemon and berry donuts I had from there was heaven sent. 

Aside from the food, again this location is a photographer and content creator’s dream. Perfect white painted brick background that is great for portraits. Come early on the weekends before the rush to get good shots. 

SIDENOTE: This is the General Porpoise in Pioneer Square. They have other locations but they don’t all look the same inside. 

5. University of Washington - Seattle Campus

I went to the University of Washington for the first time ever this spring to try and get some shots of the cherry blossoms in the quad. Little did I know half of Seattle had the same idea. For those who don’t know, the University has planted probably over 50 cherry blossom trees that line the entire quad. And they are SERIOUS about them. Aside from being planted and well taken care of, they also have a cherry blossom watch and schedule and even its own dedicated Twitter page!

I met up with my photog Sarah and we ended up walking around and exploring the (huge) beautiful campus and saw lots of cute puppies along the way.

The best part about this campus is definitely the beautiful architecture of the buildings and the landscaping around the campus. There is even a large fountain near the quad, and a library that supposedly resembles Hogwarts inside!! You KNOW I tried getting in, but it was CLOSED the day I was there, a Saturday. Boo, hiss!

Again, I didn’t get any good shots of the cherry blossoms, but we tried finding some flowers along the way. I really hoped to go into the library also, so make sure you check the schedule before you go. 

Have you been to any of these places in Seattle?

Which location do you like the most?

Comment below!

Thanks for reading, talk soon!

XO, Sabrine 


Photos by @karyaschanilec & @swolfephoto