Last month I was invited to attend the Summer Fridays San Francisco pop up at Leo's Oyster Bar where I got to meet the founders and try their new cleanser!

Last month Summer Fridays held a pop up to celebrate the upcoming launch of their new Summer Fridays cleanser at Leo’s Oyster Bar.

I was super excited to meet Marianna, one of the founders of Summer Fridays. I have been following her since her ModaMob tv days, and when I heard Summer Fridays was going to be in San Francisco I jumped at the opportunity to go to their event.

The pop up was held at Leo’s Oyster Bar, a super cute, super instagrammable restaurant in the financial district. The back room was reserved for the private invite only pop up, and was decorated with beautiful flower arrangements and Summer Fridays products. Even the menus were branded and featured a signature Summer Fridays cocktail.


We arrived a little after the event began, even though the event itself lasted about 1-2 hours.

There was about 20 people there, and everyone was there with their plus one. I brought my husband along and he was pretty much the only guy there until someone else also brought their man, lol. To be honest if I didn’t bring him I would’ve went by myself but I thought it would be nice to have him with me and lets be real, to help me take pictures. Thanks babe!

We ordered drinks, he got the margarita and I got the rosé, and we sat and waited for Marianna and Lauren to arrive.

Once they arrived, everyone was perked up. To be honest I thought they might do a short speech when they arrived, but the pop up was just mainly a meet and greet and was pretty informal.

That being said, everyone was trying to make their way over to meet them. During this time they started passing out lots of delicious food so people (me included) were busy taking pictures, posting to Instagram, eating simultaneously. The food was really good and they went all out – they had truffle fries, lobster rolls, oysters, beef skewers, shrimp skewers, and more. My husband was happy to be there once the food started coming around, lol.

I was anxious to go up to talk to Marianna and Lauren and I also wanted to give them space to meet other people and also enjoy their event – let them be able to drink and eat and enjoy the ambience. As someone who hosts and produces events all the time, sometimes I feel like I am too busy working that I never get to actually enjoy the event itself. So once the crowd around them died down I made my way over to introduce myself.

It was so nice to just be able to meet them and talk briefly. Normally I am in networking mode but it was nice to just be there as a fan of their brand and of Marianna. I told her how I’ve been following her for years and she was super sweet. Not to mention, she looked absolutely beautiful! I was so happy that I got to meet her in person. 

After I met them, the event was coming to a close. Everyone got gift bags with full sizes of Summer Fridays famous Jet Lag Mask, CC Me Serum, and their new Amino Gel Cleanser that was to be released just a few days later. We were given strict instructions to not post the new cleanser or what the new product was until they announced it.

hAnother perk of having my husband as my plus one was that he got a gift bag too! So basically, I got double the products since he most likely won’t be using them. Even though, these products are obviously meant for everyone.

Below is a picture of the products I took when I got home. The cleanser wasn’t on display during the pop up to make sure no one “accidentally” posted it to social. Full review here

Have you tried Summer Fridays products?

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